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The elegant lady in this photograph is my maternal grandmother. The photo was taken 1912-1916, I don't know for sure.

She died at the age of 42 leaving behind 6 children.

We have quite a few photos of her, but this one is my favorite. I never knew her, except through photographs from her younger years. She will be eternally, in my mind, a beautiful young woman with a tiny little waist and a wonderful big hat.

When I was a child I loved looking at the old photographs of our family. The photographs were not in albums, in fact, they were treated quite irreverently. All of the photos were kept in a cookie tin.

Faded old photographs, recent photographs, our school pictures, baby pictures, and last year's camping trip photographs were all tossed into the tin. As years went by more and more photos, along with the negatives, were crammed into the cookie tin until the lid barely closed and had to be held on with a large elastic band.

I went through that cookie tin hundreds of times, my grubby little fingers, undoubtedly, adding more and more damage every time I handled each photograph. I knew which pictures were of my grandmother, but I didn't know much about who it was in the rest of the old photographs. My mum had had a traumatic childhood,and as a result there were certain people she refused to discuss. I learned at a very early age, what questions must never be asked.

In her later years,my mum placed all of the really old photographs in an album, identifying who were the people in the photographs.
God bless her for doing that.
When my mum died, I inherited the photograph album and the old cookie tin.
It was then, that I found out, that the severe dour looking woman in the Victorian dress was my great-grandmother and the handsome gentleman, my great-grandfather. The kind looking lady in the 1920'S clothing who is holding a baby was another great-grandmother.

Restoring old photographs has been a passion of mine for the past few years. I have restored most of our own family photographs, I also do a lot of work for friends and neighbours.
Everyone treasures his or her family photographs. They are pictorial histories of our past. How fortunate we are that today's technology has given us the tools to restore and preserve those photographs for all time.

The first pages of this website are about restoring old and damaged photographs and documents.

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Elizabeth Borrows Barbara's Blouse
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Saying " I Do'' in 1887
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